Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Where The Wild Things Are

I remember back then when i was in college (part 4) AS and I talked about movies that are not supposed to be watch by kids despite how the protagonist is a child. So I showed her a video on youtube which includes Caroline and Pan's Labyrinth as the top 10 creepy movies for kids. Then she showed me few scenes from 'Where The Wild Things Are' (WTWTA) that introduced the weird animal-like characters . The first thing that I feel is a fcking nauseous . I can puke out right at that moment I swear and now I've just complete watching it without skipping even a tiny bits! What an achievement!

'Where The Wild Things Are' is an old movie that was released in 2009,yup it's 2017 now, i was about to watch 2016 movies but most of them are not in HD as they were released only few months back . I hate watching movies in CAM because it will indirectly ruin my mood thus, WTWTA . What makes me wanna watch it is due to the comments/reviews saying how bad the movie is/how the movie actually ruin their childhood/how they had like nightmares etc. Yet,there a few that claims it's a good movie . I google-ed and found that it's actually based on children's picture book (1963) . So of course as usual the curiosity kicks in that I just had to read the picture book and watch the entire movie.

The movie is about the main character named  Max, a child who's been living in fantasy world and in a cusp of  adulthood. As a child,it's normal that the thing he ever wanted for is attention and love from his family,however his world crumbled as his parents got divorced and his sister been creating new circle of friends and relationship leaving Max all alone. One night,his mother ( Connie ) invites her boyfriend for dinner. Max got upset that his mother did not entertain to his rocket-fort that he made in his room. So, he went down with his wolf suit,acts wild and yelled "woman,feed me". Undergo few arguments he leave the house and found a small boat at the edge of the pond where he decides to board it to an island .

The first thing that he sees is fire on the hill,destruction and madness . Then he stumbled into 7 animal-like creatures that are large,creepy and monstrous. The wild things introduced themselves as Carol,Ira,Judith,Alexander,Douglas,K.W and the bull. As I watched the movie I can conclude that each creature represent his inner side. Carol obviously is the bad, with childish egotism and immature that is so prone to anger and rage. He hates the feeling of being cast aside. I guess that's why Max and Carol were so closed at first until Carol got uncontrollable,when he finds out that Max lied for being the King of Vikings and the fact that most of them knew but decides to play along. He ripped off Douglas right arm and chased after Max,making an attempt to gobble him up. Max ran into K.W and she insisted to hide in her belly. This actually represent that Max is reborn,a transition. So,does he stays on the island with the creatures and re-announces his kingship? or return to his family after realizing all his silly mistakes ?  Of course I would totally recommend you to check out the movie,it worth a try.

Tbh,I felt so anxious throughout the movie,I'm worried what's gonna happen next. I kinda find that it's not pleasant enough to watch Max hanging around with all those creatures esp Judith since they wanted to eat Max as the they first encounter. I gotta say that this is not suitable for kids it should be rated for PG13 . I hope I won't be having nightmares tonight,so hard to forget all these creepy creatures!

P/s: I have yet to watch Pan's Labyrinth,will give it a try someday ! (A Christmas Carol does not suits kids too!)
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