Saturday, 13 February 2016


Assalamualaikum and hello~~

Just reached college during Maghrib yesterday. Alhamdulillah that the traffic was smooth,however the other side that heads to kl was vice versa. Cny aite?

Anyway I guess home-sick struck me . While I was taking my bath,the cold water that came out from the shower reminds me of my hometown. Went back to hometown and stayed for 3 days 2 night during the cny break . So here I am ...couldn't stop thinking about home ,family and stuff. Jeez . :(((

Please home-sick go away ,I have lots to settle down for this upcoming 5 weeks ... And final is approaching. Yet the preparation.........wait am I even prepared lol. Anyway let's just hope for the best.. :)

Appreciation post: Thanks nad teman tidur malam tadi...xo

Pre-going back to college photo, little did I know that home-sick gonna struck that bad . Missing my comfy bed . :(

#ps:In my previous post,I've stated that I look different with bawal and shawl...but now I think there's a huge difference with/without specs :((
I hate wearing specs tapi nk buat macam mana kalau dh rabun teruk :(((
Till then,bye ~

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  1. Bila homesick, call parents is the best thing to do :)