Sunday, 13 December 2015

Little thoughts

I've been trying to sleep so hard but my eyes, they just resist to shut. Seems like they knew class starts at 3pm tomorrow.  A happy Monday volla!

2 weeks ++ left and we can wave in joy  to 2015 man. How should I repeat myself that time flies so fast that I got a little confuse of how old I am and how many years since I left high school?  because it does feel like it's been a decade! and I surely love college if I have to pick between two.  

As times passed, now I'm in my last year of diploma.  Can't help my self but to think how it would be after all the days I've spend here with the bittersweet memory . How's my friendship with the other 10 girls (especially) would turn out? Well,imagining life without you girls that sure sucks!

Life is full of rainbows and you people (referring to everyone who entered my life and sketched in various ways) coloured my life in every shades.  I secretly hope that our friendship will last forever! InsyaAllah..
 Sincerely, Tiha.

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