Sunday, 25 October 2015

3rd out of 5th semester

Assalamualaikum ,
So in this post I pick certain stories that happened during my semester 3. It'll be quite mixed up  and there's like not much to tell since i filtered  most of it out .

  • This sem I got in a room of 4. It's quite fun as I'll have extra 2 people for me to mess with and larger space to lie down/perform prayers/complete my assignment with teammates etc. I miss them now yet we didn't have any picture of us 4. :(

I love my own space where my bed is right next to the windows and I love that kind of feelings when every morning  I can like pull of the curtains to the side and let the sunlight shines our room . The indescribable happiness .

The every day view from my window . Fluffy clouds . 

We even had steamboat together besides the pizza and everything else . lol 

  • This is our faculty's official shirt. The main idea was #NavyGold but too bad that the gold turned out like pale yellow. Ieuww .. Anyways it's the #NavyGoldDay !

Sent this to one of my best friend and she said that  the background looks like I'm at the horse riding/training place . lol Oh and I look super fat I know.  blergh

  • Our faculty had iftar event during the last Ramadhan. What an excitement to see lots of people at the main square . Who doesn't love free foods anyway?

That gaze ~

  • My very first lab dissection. I was kinda nervous at first but those nervousness slowly fades away as my friends guided me on how to . Blessed to have them. 

You might wondering if I felt pity towards the rats . Tbh I was at first plus the rat is like so little,I don't have the hearts to kill them,but it turned out that the lab assistant killed them before hand it to us . So I don't really feel anything by then . For the sake of  knowledge !

It's the rat's heart under microscope . We were looking for the sperm since we got the male ,even our lecturer spend a bundle of time to look for it .  Well luck is just not on our side !

That naked face though. 

Literally I'm in an all-girls class .

 Look at how the little heart is still moving (pumping) even after we cut out the ateries and veins . SubhanAllah Allah is the mighty of all ... 

  • We had some kind of surprise party which was mean for one of our friend but things happened and we switched it to our other friend whose birthday's is just around the corner. We had a total blast and wet with all the water balloons and shimmering gold dust. What a fun night!
We were supposed to buy a cake for the party but as Jia and I stood infront of the cake chiller she suddenly ordered a slice of creme brulee cheese cake and I was like 'wth is wrong with you,we gonna eat the huge cake later,so can't you just get a grip of yourself woman ?' And .....I ordered a slice of oreo cheesecake .......and continues with my babble  .

My hand got all purple because of the 'nila' stain 


The excited face of us after all the water ballon - war and if you think that's the end of it you're wrong. Well,the cake cream-war continues. No one managed to go home with a clean face . Thought of posting up the pictures but it's too hideous to watch ,our future husband might cancelled our marriage if they sees them . lol

That's it! Hope you enjoy the lag to load all photos !! miahehe ..
I look different with bawal and shawls . A weirdo!
p/s: I love sem-break where I can do everything that I want! My own quality time ..