Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Supposed to go to KLibf today...guess who ruined everything? Yeapp....it's me.

The planned was to go to KLibf with classmates and one of my best friend will follow us as her other friend will arrive quite late so they'll meet at the KL Fest around 12-1-2 pm something . Thus, my best friend and I supposedly to head to KTM Klang around 8.15 am because as we knew train from Klang will always delayed around 15-20 minutes ,sometimes more. So we would want to avoid it. Plus,one of my classmate will be there,and we'll head to Putra to meet the others.

but I guessed it's just not my day....
I woke up around 9.45am . I was extremely startled. Couldn't get a grip of myself . I started to curse and swear to every single thing. I loss count the number of missed calls that I get including text and Ws .

Well for me,its fine if I didn't get to go...but when it involve my friends. I just can't stop blaming my self for being so careless..

My classmates managed to go as planned but my best friend have to cancelled hers and I feel bad as f.

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