Wednesday, 7 January 2015

For you,whom I can never be with.....

I'm sorry... is all I can ever say. Sometimes, I feel bad and guilty when I think of my selfish acts...i just have to let you go...but it's not that easy... you still lingers in my mind ..although I've tried to get rid of you ..it hurts me even more than you can ever imagine, tho it seems like I don't give a shit .

It's ok, I'm fine ...because we're not meant to be at the very first place...how silly i was back then, hoping for miracles to happen...the facts that two different world  can never be one...that breaks me into pieces.

I'll pray for your success...may you rise and shine even brighter like the very first sunrise of 2015, just like what your dad asked for . Good luck and all the best for your upcoming album. In case things screwed up,remember, I've got your back  :)

The first sunrise of 2015. Credit goes to your dad . :) 

Sincerely, my heart that still longings for you ..