Saturday, 30 August 2014

How I fall for Bigbang Taeyang - Dong Young Bae

Dong Young Bae or well known as Taeyang,who’s one of the members of the popular South-Korean group called BigBang is my ultimate bias,my love and my everything.
To be honest,I don’t really like him when I watched Bb’s Mv ..in fact he’s the only whom I don’t really bother or look at. I used to find him as a typical-Korean guy because of his hairstyles,looks and small eyes.

Everything starts when I followed him on social sites (Instagram and Twitter) . Slowly I fall for him . The way how he tweet,post selfies,reply to fans attracts me to like him even more . So,I decided to googled up every single thing about him . His old tv shows ( Real Sound by Taeyang) reveals a lot of his private life,thoughts and feelings . Until then I realized that he’s such a sweet and charming guy that can easily melts any girls heart . His manly voice,his moves,the way he talks is just perfect! Even tough he’s now an international celebrities and have fans all over the world ,he remains humble! He’s so freaking kinds isn’t he ? 

Oh,have I told you that he love kids ? Guys who love kids is such a cutie. Well,let’s face the fact not all guys like kids because they considered kids as annoying little creature. So,I saw a picture of Taeyang at an event ,where he hugged one of his fans kid..his face shows how excited and happy he is . The same expression goes when he meet Haru (Tablo’s daughter)  ,he really enjoys playing with Haru . I bet one day he’s gonna be a great dad to his kids ! This is the main reason why I love Taeyang !!

A minute a go , I browsed on internet and found an interview about Taeyang where he talked about his first love . This is weird but literally as I read the article ,tears starts to flow   . I know I’m not the only one fan but I really like him, to be precise I love him . Madly in love with him … This might sounds insane , but I’ve always have a dream to marry Taeyang . Am I weird ? Or psychopath ? Is this normal for an 18-years old fan ?
The current Bigbang issues is about G-Dragon and Kiko . I bet most of the vips out there must have heard about it . Well,in my very own opinion , I don’t really mind if the rumours is true and if she can makes GD happy,then why not?  Let’s face the fact that our oppas are normal guys too. They have feelings just like you,and they are young,thus they have the passions for love. I know it sounds cheesy but to let go of our bias to other girl is definitely hard. Imagining my self have to let go of Taeyang,well that sucks and it surely takes a lot of time to get over it,but we gotta try don’t we ? Because sooner or later the day will come .

Whatever it’s I’ll always support Taeyang and Bigbang . I’ll support each of the Bigbang members ! No matter if they’re in a relationship or they get married one day, Bigbang will always be my bias !
xoxo ,
a My vip and a solmate
Tiha Azmi

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