Saturday, 28 December 2013

Digi Thank You Sale // The person whom I'm most grateful of in life

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My blog has always been a place where I share my personal thoughts and it's where I come to appreciate the people in my life. One of the many people that have made a huge impact in my life that i'm eternally grateful for is none other than my mom. Digi has made it possible for me to extend my gratitude with this contest they have organized. With all that said, I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that luck is on my side in this contest. Without further ado, let's talk bout my lovely mom,Rahimah Tamin. There are countless words to express how much she means to me but yet i still struggle to find the right words to express it ,just to convey how much an amazing mother she is . My mom is the biggest part of my life. She is not just your average woman ,to me she is extraordinary.

My mom is like a cupcake,yes a cupcake because she is so sweet. As I'm the only girl out of my three siblings,our bond is stronger. She's my mom,my best friend,my life savior,my guardian angel and my great gossip partner. She always tries her best to be kept updated with the latest trends in order to keep up with me. She has also jumped on the bandwagon of the internet-crazed world as she doesn't miss the opportunity to sign up on different social networks such as Facebook, Blogger and Instagram so that we'll have a wider range of topics to talk about. Can you imagine how sweet that is? Somehow social networks manage to create a stronger bond in our relationship and makes us even closer! 

Oh,and the best part is,my mom is a genius in the kitchen. Having a mom who loves to cook is truly a blessing. She has the passion for cooking ,and always includes me whether she is washing fruits or baking cakes. Picturing the both of us in the kitchen the whole afternoon never fails to put a smile on my face. My mom always reminds that in order to be a great wife, I must have certain skills, that includes cooking. I've never doubted her. 

*check out my mom's blog for the recipes . -->  Sweet Brownies

My mom and I are quite similar in certain ways. We both enjoy K-drama ,have the same brown hair and love shopping ! We do indeed have the same taste of fashion ! Shopping with my mom is always enjoyable. We are definitely inseparable! 

Words just can't describe how much i love my mom. She's the first person I turn to for everything. I've always been a mommy's girl and still am. My mother has raised me to become a stronger person as how I am today. I don't think I'll ever be able to repay her for everything she has taught me and who she raised me to be. The only thing I can do is to try to make her proud. She's the most beautiful ,  loving , caring ,smart and wonderful mother. This post is specially for you mom , to thank you for your immeasurable contribution in my life,to thank you for being the best mother I could ever ask for and for loving me unconditionally for the past 17 years. I love you. xoxo !
*and it's never too late for a  Merry Christmas !

                                                              Digi is always a smarter choice !! 


  1. Assalamualaikum.. Ibu adalah yang terbaik....pendengar, penasihat, pengurus dn bnyak lagi.. serba serbi blh...

    1. Waalaikumsalam ...ye betul tu ... :)

  2. mak memang wanita paling best, cool, n paling memahami kan? suke entry awk ni.. :)

  3. Salam perkenalan Tiha.. I love this entry about your mom. She sounds like an amazing woman. I hope that my daughter and I will share the same strong bond that you have with your mother.

    1. Awhh,thank you .... insyaAllah .. :)

  4. mom is our friend, lover and everything. all in one.

  5. Assalamualaikum Tiha,
    Bahgianya jadi ibu pada awak anakku. Awak anak yg baik,lembut,penyayang,rajin,cantikk heheh..,kuat usaha yg suka buat kejutan buat ibu.Ibu bangga dengan awak..Sekarang dah pandai masak macam ibukan. Rasa tercabar bila awak dapat buat kuih, dessert yg lbh sedap dari ibu hehe.. Selalu rasa rindu dgn awakk. Awak dekat dihati ibu selalu. Moga Tuhan senantiasa beri kecemerlangan, redha, rahmatimu selalu anakku dan moga sentiasa di bawah perlindungan Tuhan yg maha esa...aaminnn ya robbal alamin... Terima kasih Tuhanku..
    P/S: Tiba2 ibu baru rasa nak tulis kat sini...so sorry lambat respon ya sygg...