Thursday, 29 August 2013

Quick update

Assalamualaikum,well I shouldn't be updating my blog,but here's a quick post about my 2013 Eid . Nothing much,just the common Eid routine like past few years. Went back to hometown on the Eid night,spent 4 days 3 night . Wake up early in the morning the next day. Greet each other and ask for forgiveness/forgiven people for their past sin .  Emm what's more...... get some pocket money in beautiful envelope..which i think some of  the amount in it didn't suit the cover . ( If you know what i mean )

Sent my uncle and his family to Bahau railway station on the 3rd day of Eid.....the train is like super duper cool,i wanna ride it too :(

On the 4th or 5th Eid..emm I can't remember the exact date, my best  friends came to my house...ehehehehhe... It was fun when  the 4 of us gather up again. Exchanging stories,gossip,tips etc. Emmm, I miss you Adilah Jasmine.., My little sister Anis Syairah and of course my forever best friend ,the one who helped me alot during those days..Aqyla Zackry. Too bad we can't meet up on Eid . :( 


And last week , I went to Deputy Minister of  finance Open House at Putrajaya . Wow,that was my first time of attending grand open house. Thanks to my uncle who invited us  since  he's one of the person who in charge with it. We were seated at the vip site which is at the 2nd row . We have to split into two table since its too crowded and there's no empty seats left . Our table was full with high- class dato and datin. Emmm,It was pretty awkward. Its like everyone is starring at me when I was eating,but nahhhh...who cares ..I keep on enjoying the meal coz its finger licking good. Oh, ya ...I saw lots of celebrities including the veterans,and guess what ? Zed Zaidi is there too. You know,when i saw his face it feels like a few bugs crawling on my body . That is just how I really hate him . (If you read my past post ,you will know the reason why) 

With my forever enemy..

Last Tuesday I received my prize from Christy Ng Shoes .  Its like a piece from heaven . Thank you
 Kak Yuyu Zulaikha and Christy Ng for the lovely heels.  

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Phewwwwww...that was a looooooooong post....Thanks for reading my crap.  Barlooo~

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