Monday, 11 February 2013

It's all about Psy

Malaysians will always have an issue when it comes to K-Pop. No matter what,how, they will blame the K-pop fans for being extra loyal towards our bias and turned out with "do support our local artist" ...etc..etc. Latterly,Psy on Malaysia trending topic due to the issue that our Malaysian PM who is Datuk Sri Najib ,paid RM 2 million for a show which length less than 5 minutes. Yepp,you're right. Malaysians went bluster on twitter that day . But...here's a thing , it's just a rumors. Have you heard that a hearsay may cause disunity between nations? The exact thing is,Psy was invited by the private companies from Malaysia to held a gangnam concert during the Chinese New Year event not by our beloved PM. So,calm yourself. Boo- you haters.

Well,for me as a k-pop fans ,its such a worth it . Psy had won a few international award,he have the right to demand and if you convert the value of 2 million from RM to dollar it'll be less likely 250 00. So,the things is our MYR mark is lower,thus we have to pay more. Indeed ,this may tighten the relationship between two countries. For those who keep on bashing the k-pop fans,do reflect yourself who keep on worship Justin Bieber and One Directions .

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