Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Graduation Day

Alhamdulillah I've graduated last month . A big thanks to my mum,dad,siblings,lecturer,friends for supporting me all this while. I can't believe I'm now one of the graduates. How time flies.  *tears drop*.

Lol . Ok ,we should end this drama. Actually it was my brother graduation. It was held at the University Teknologi Mara in Dungun ,Terengganu. It was fun seeing how happy all the graduates are. After all this years, they finally end it . This makes me feel that I should not throw up the sponge . There's still time and hope for me to succeed . The only thing that I need is some attempt and support from my self . Yes,from my self. It do sounds weird but if we we're not supporting our self,who else gonna support us ? 

I am so proud of you brotha . Congratulations. xoxo 

How beautiful the beach is. Unfortunately we are not allowed to swim . I love you mummy .

                                                                                                              Annyeonghi Gaseyo~

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