Sunday, 4 November 2012

Librarian 2012 Event

This year 2012 ,Its the best Librarian event everrrrrrr. We the form 4 librarian managed to plan it well . Our MC who is Ainin is such a daebak ! Though its her first time . All the form 4 librarian had an awesome teamwork . Well done everyone . So,guess what's my task ? Yes you're right ,I am a photographer !

Credit to Kak Karmilah for the picture above . ;D . Aida and I are officially a photographer on that day . Oh wait that reminds me of something ...

 Ok..ok get it . So I am a photographer  just a girl with Nikon who loves to snap pictures . Emm that sounds better ! Being sarcastic over here . Everyone  wore a beautiful dress while I wore a simple purple shirt with white jeans and pashmina . It makes me comfortable and easy to moves since I have to snap a lot and lot and lot of pictures . No doubt It's tiring .

I sat right next to Lin Xin since Ainin went  with teacher and Farahiya didn't come that day . Hmm how I really wish you attend the event Farahiya .

Ainin is such a bee on that day . So I decided to joined the juniors . The four of them are totally stunning !

 We got two camwhore here ~

The event end up with everyone having their own photo shoot like a model right next the pool .  I hope next year event will be joyous to !

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