Saturday, 24 November 2012

Assalamualaikum readers. :) How's holiday ? Fun ? Well,I'm not so enjoying my holiday . A lot of stuff that need to be done by this end of the year . I need to revise all my form 4 subjects and master it . I'm weak in most of the subjects and when the  End Year Examinations result been released,there you go, now its proven how dumb I am . When I look at my result I was like ......"Wow,I am dumb " ..and.. "What have I done this whole year?"....and.. and .... "Duhh. I can't even remember when did I ever learned all this weird things." .  So,now its time for me to get up and improve my weakness in any kind of way. I've jot down a few steps that must be taken in order for me to polish myself and to boost up my spirit in studies. Wanna know what the steps are ? Its my SECRET . I can't state it here,its too public and its a personal matters for me . Let's just pray for my success . :)

Oh by the way , I've just recover from fever . It was bad. The worst fever ever. I'm sick for 2 weeks . I've lost my appetite during those weeks. My body temperature rise out of sudden , coughing non stop and not to be forgotten my asthma came back like ...pffft. The worst part is  when all the food that I ate was tasteless . Yuck ! How can I eat those tasteless food . I bet I've lose some weight  . lol . Now Alhamdulillah ,praise to Allah I'm fully recover . :)

Anddddddd...have you guys noticed something ? Yessssss.. You're right !! I've done a little renovation on my blog . Heh. Stop cursing ! It's my blog . I can do whatever I want . Just shushhh your mouth . I'll end my post here. Till we meet again . Bye .

Do I look like I care what your opinion about my blog new looks ? Here's a word from me. Stfu.

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