Monday, 13 August 2012

Genting With Love


  13th of August 2012 . Its been a month since i got back from Genting Highland . It was the first trip that i had with my baby girls . Well,we really enjoyed our vacation . I still remember how anxious we used to be once we board on bus . Keep chatting what we gonna do once arrived . Taking pictures . Singing during the whole journey . Opps,thats not me who keeps on singing all the time . Its Dyba and Alya . :P


  We  stayed at Ria's Apartmen for 3 days 2 night .  Ya..ya..ya..ya i know people said that its haunted . I'm not denying it . We do heard sorts of weird and creepy sounds there . I'm sharing the apartment with the teachers and few of my friends who is Athirah and the Aziz's .

   1st night at Genting we were wondaring around 1st World to have a look the overall theme park and get acquaint .  The schedule state that we should have bowling game that night but I'm not good at it so Farahiya and I decided to have dinner since my tummy was having MTV World Stage without my permission . From my view Genting was 100 times more attractive during night compared to day . Its because of the colorful lights glows everywhere . Eheem,it will be a romantic honeymoon for the newlids .

                               #Meet Syairah's new boyfriend  :p

  2nd day was incredibly awesome !! Lots and lost and lots of games that you can play . I bet one day wouldn't be enough for you to try it all. The fantastic ride was the Spaceshot , Flying Coaster and Corkscrew . *Cough Cough *I ride Space Shot and Flying Coaster twice babe . *Flip Pashmina * . :3 At night we split into two. Dyba and I  enjoying our personal moment with our love ones . <3 . :)

                         #View from our room during maghrib

  3rd day, as we effin tired ,eyes with eye bags its time for us to leave Genting . *Wipe tears * I really missed
having fun there . Laughed all the time with my baby girls . How I wish I can ride a time machine and repeat all the precious moment  back . :(  Before we reached school we stop at the Strawberry Park and
have some strawberries . :) 

Before I end my post im taking this chance to update a little about my besties who had an accident last Thursday. Jamil I hope you keep on patient and courageous . I'll always pray for you. :') #PrayForJamil . 


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