Thursday, 7 June 2012

K-pop VS Zed Zaidi

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Readers as all of you knows there's an issue going on between Zed Zaidi and K-Pop . So,I'm taking this chance to update my blog and share my opinion ,thought etc . 

This happen on the 1st of June. 


I am one of the K-Pop lovers . I'm representing on the behalf of the K-Pop fans . I'm totally against this. Dear Zed Zaidi theres no more difference between you and the attention whore on Twitter. You're a celebrities or  Malaysians call you as an artist , but your tweet doesn't seem to be one . You should think  twice before tweet something and of course Zed Zaidi have been on the trending topic on Twitter for the whole day . 

There are some tweets that defy Zed Zaidi statement which i found it as interesting .


First of all bro ,you should know that each people have their own taste of music . Korean Pop is a new wave or a new genre of music that have take over the heart of  the music listeners especially the teenagers . I ,myself finds that the Malay songs seems to be less interesting now days. Their rhythm sounds not alive like the K-Pop music which sounds energetic plus with their awesome dance move. Their looks is the additional advantage for them . Furthermore ,all the Malay songwriter should compose a song which have good lyric . Kids now days easily attracted to songs that they heard. They will sang the song that they like  and repeat it again and again but they didn't know the real meaning of the song. Some lyrics are harsh and contain bad meanings in it . For example is the 'Bawa Ku Pergi ' song by Zizan Feat Kaka. I thought it have been banned from turn it on the radio but certain radio stations lack of  concerned . They should know that it give bad influences to the kids and the teenagers. Click on the link to hear the song . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yznl-JJDle8

Then, instead of bashing K-pop ,Malaysians artist should improve their talents to attract their listeners back .  There's also an issue saying that the female Korean artist dressed sexy and didn't cover their 'aurat' . What's the difference between the Malay artist such as Fasha Sandha, Fiffy Natasha and a few more artist whom wears mini skirts / short pants and  didn't cover their 'aurat' too ?  It's just an excuse to for certain party to show that K-Pop give bad influences to teenagers . 

Zed Zaidi gave his comment regarding his tweets on 'Malaysia Kini blog'  .


      It stated that "Kalau kita buat hari belia antarabangsa ,mungkin wajarlah kita menjemput artis luar negara buat persemmbahan "  comment Zed Zaidi to the Malaysia Kini .  Dude I know that you're one of the President of the Seniman and your intention is good. You want to defend and support the local artist ,but if 'Perhimpunan Sejuta Belia' concert held by the local artist ,I bet the response is not encourage . Perhaps less reception from teenagers . As I say before ,K-Pop is the new music wave . Its the teenagers interest . Lets say that the concert was substitute by the local artist ,I wonder who would wanna watch the it ? Probably they will tweet that it was the most lame 'Perhimpunan Sejuta Belia' concert that they had ever watch . The conclusion is ,Its not the concert manager fault for inviting the Korean Artist . Local artist should fight by increase the effort to create new songs with awesome music / rhythm  and get back the fans and listeners on track .

P/s: Later on  if Zed Zaidi appears on Tv drama or movie or show . *Take the remote Tv* *Change to other channel * Should I suggest the TVN (181) channel ? 360 degrees of K-Pop  .  #TeamAntiZedZaidi .


  1. Well, I support Kpop too :) Nice blog btw

  2. Oh Really ? Thanks for supporting K-Pop and thanks for the praise too.

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  5. This is my personal opinion about the issue. First of all, I'm not a K-pop fan (nor am I a hater). K-pop fans have the right to defend what they love and yes, I do admit that K-pop is interesting in many ways. On the other hand, Zed Zaidi is defending our local talent scene which we must also support. We have artists who we should be proud of in terms of musicality and potential such as Siti Nurhaliza, Yuna and Bunkface. I also agree that Malay songs in general are not quite as 'attractive' as other non-Malay songs nowadays but there are a few that stands out and I take this as a slow but definite uprising in our music industry.

    Zed's second comment is, from one point of view, a bit harsh and narrow as music is universal, people will discover music and if they like it, it can reach immense popularity. From another perspective, it is rational as Malaysian youngsters are leaning more and more towards outside talents compared to talents in their own motherland. About the "Bawa Ku Pergi" song, we only know that we read the papers and we watch the news. Sometimes what we see or hear is not the truth. The songwriter has explained the meaning and it was not written with bad meanings. It was a misunderstanding by certain sides who perceived the lyrics of the song was encouraging kids to run away from home.

    When it comes to the "Perhimpunan Sejuta Belia", to be honest, I do not agree with the decision of inviting artists, be it Malaysian or Korean. This is because the youngsters would only come for the entertainment and not for the sole purpose of building a better generation. As a Muslim country, a religious approach is much more appropriate especially now that we have 'celebrity' Muslim preachers such as Ustaz Azhar Idrus and Ustaz Don Daniyal. Spirituality and politics is parallel in Islam and we as Muslims must uphold that.

    It is not really our place to judge as we all have our opinions and when it comes to opinions, none is right or wrong. Both Zed and K-pop lovers have one thing in common: they defend what they love. That is in all of us and we should all appreciate and respect that. :)