Thursday, 29 March 2012

Youth Forum 2012

                      Assalamualaikum . :)   Last Tuesday 27th March . I went to SMK Telok Gadong for a Forum competition . Its a school level competition. We haven't fully prepared actually ,but we still joined it so that we  gained some experience and we can do better next year .

                     When I it recalled back. Its quite funny on that day . We are too nervous until a friend of mine even vomited at the school drain as we arrive there,and me ? I forgot all my text that im supposed to talk about .

                     When the time has come. Where we suppose to perform on that stage ,it turn out to be a total miserable . Im as the chairman put all the blame to my self . :(  If I do it well,and being calm ,their performance wont turn out to be that way . I feel really bad towards them . :(  


Before we went to SMK Telok Gadong

                                                    Troll face LOL x)

                                      Whats with my face ??  -_____-

   Syarminie told me,that even the chairs were shaking because Im too          
                                                        nervous x)

                         From the left Sharvena,Nadia,Syarminie,Syairah

                We meet Pn.Mariam,she treat us . I really miss Pn.Mariam :')

                However ,we did enjoyed our self . :)  The school which managed to enter the semi final are SMK Raja Lumu, SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Methodist Girls School and SM(P) Raja Zarina .

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