Friday, 30 March 2012

People around me

     Hey readers ! Anyone miss me ?  What?  You guys really miss me ?  Aww~ how sweet you guys are . :')   *Hugs* .

     People around me . Wondering what I'm gonna talk about aite ? :p . Hmm. Actually now days ,I'm kinda stress with all the people around me. Some of them acts like being such annoying, fake,bitching  etc.  Most of them are around my age of course. Have you ever experience this kind of situation.

Situation 1 :
When the result came out . That person result turn out to be higher than me . *Punch pillows *

Situation 2 :
The next day ,the anonymous went to that girls place and talks bad bout me . Heh. . You're such a BITCH .

Situation 3 :

I wonder is it a kind of trend ,teenagers use Blackberry? Do they actually really admired that mobile phone and that's the reason why they bought it or they just bought it because of the trend ?

           Enough with this 3 situation . Its such annoying . You guys make me pissed off sometimes . -____-  When I didn't mad at you, doesn't mean I like what you've done. Its just I'm not interested to quarrel with you . Somehow,this situation must be over ! *sigh*

All that attention to the perfect lightning,the perfect this,the perfect that,I find terribly annoying.


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